Boise Web Design Tricks For Faster Loading Speeds

Boise Web Design Tricks For Faster Loading Speeds

Boise Web Design Tricks For Faster Loading Speeds

There is nothing worse than a website that is slow to load. Not only does it cause a lot of frustration to your visitors, it also doesn’t help your conversion rates. In these fast-paced times no one is willing to wait for more than just a few seconds for a site to load, or else it’s off to your competitor whose site does load quickly.

Loading speeds are not only important for your regular website, but even more so for your mobile site. Many responsive websites lack in this respect, as a mobile version should always load faster. Because many responsive websites do not always contain clean code, their loading speeds are not up to par. Follow the tips below to ensure that your web design ensures the highest performance.

Limit the overall size

Before even starting to build a website, once you have a general idea in your mind you should also plan how you can limit the size of the site more effectively. By limiting the overall size you can drastically increase your loading speed and improve your bottom line. In case you want to add a new element, remove something else in order to create enough space.

Image size

The number one problem that causes a site to load slowly is the use of large images. Even though everyone wants pictures in the highest resolution, this also means that the image size is bigger, which in turn will have a negative impact on the speed of your site. Instead, image compression is recommended. You will also find several services online that automatically detect the screen size of the device and will then scale down images to ideal proportions for this screen size. Some applications also allow you to adapt the quality of the images accordingly.

File sizes

Most CSS and JS files are created in such a way that they are easy to read by people, but the same is not always necessary for production purposes. There are several applications on the market today that can compress these files, which in turn will help your site load faster. It might also be worth a consideration to host your assets separately, this will be especially helpful in terms of loading speeds in case of a traffic spike.


The performance and speed of your website cannot be completely attributed to web design. Your hosting server also plays a major role in the loading speed of your site. Hosting can be very cheap, starting from just a few dollars a month, to extremely expensive where you are looking at several hundred dollars a month. What kind of hosting you need depends on the size of your web site and also on your budget. However, shared hosting – which is one of the cheapest hosting packages available – will generally not offer the same quality, up-time and loading speeds as a dedicated server or cloud services. One piece of advise would be to never save on hosting if you  have the budget, you will regret it later on.