Boise Web Design Tricks For Faster Loading Speeds

Boise Web Design Tricks For Faster Loading Speeds

Boise Web Design Tricks For Faster Loading Speeds

There is nothing worse than a website that is slow to load. Not only does it cause a lot of frustration to your visitors, it also doesn’t help your conversion rates. In these fast-paced times no one is willing to wait for more than just a few seconds for a site to load, or else it’s off to your competitor whose site does load quickly.

Loading speeds are not only important for your regular website, but even more so for your mobile site. Many responsive websites lack in this respect, as a mobile version should always load faster. Because many responsive websites do not always contain clean code, their loading speeds are not up to par. Follow the tips below to ensure that your web design ensures the highest performance.

Limit the overall size

Before even starting to build a website, once you have a general idea in your mind you should also plan how you can limit the size of the site more effectively. By limiting the overall size you can drastically increase your loading speed and improve your bottom line. In case you want to add a new element, remove something else in order to create enough space.

Image size

The number one problem that causes a site to load slowly is the use of large images. Even though everyone wants pictures in the highest resolution, this also means that the image size is bigger, which in turn will have a negative impact on the speed of your site. Instead, image compression is recommended. You will also find several services online that automatically detect the screen size of the device and will then scale down images to ideal proportions for this screen size. Some applications also allow you to adapt the quality of the images accordingly.

File sizes

Most CSS and JS files are created in such a way that they are easy to read by people, but the same is not always necessary for production purposes. There are several applications on the market today that can compress these files, which in turn will help your site load faster. It might also be worth a consideration to host your assets separately, this will be especially helpful in terms of loading speeds in case of a traffic spike.


The performance and speed of your website cannot be completely attributed to web design. Your hosting server also plays a major role in the loading speed of your site. Hosting can be very cheap, starting from just a few dollars a month, to extremely expensive where you are looking at several hundred dollars a month. What kind of hosting you need depends on the size of your web site and also on your budget. However, shared hosting – which is one of the cheapest hosting packages available – will generally not offer the same quality, up-time and loading speeds as a dedicated server or cloud services. One piece of advise would be to never save on hosting if you  have the budget, you will regret it later on.


The importance of choosing the right web designer

Chose the right web designer

There are multiple things to consider when you want to choose a good web design company. There are a multitude of online certificate and degree programs available for budding new talent and experienced web designers. You may very well want a page about oneself, in which to offer oneself to likely consumers. Pictures, videos and other engaging stuff can really affect the average time a visitor stays on your website, which in turn may affect search engine rankings, drawing in less traffic to the website. It is also not advisable to outsource things like web design to other countries just because they offer cheap services.

Web design should be done by professional web designers. The designers and developers are the experts indulged in developing World Wide Web apps. Less consumption of time and efficiency due to team work, collaborative web designing make web designers to pay heed on their mistakes. Looking at the internet nowadays is like browsing through a sea of corporate logos.

An eye-catching website is extremely pivotal for success of a business. Even business owners find it easier to manage reservations with computerized system, rather than a staff managing all bookings. These individuals often don’t have the discipline and/or resources to ply their trade correctly. Read user reviews and catalogs to get more information on web design companies.

Web designers are at the heart of what you see, hear and do when you visit sites like EBay, Amazon, and Google. The software caters to the specialized requirements of professional designers. They create contents for your website which are most user-friendly and which reach out to the customers in quick time. Would you not like a beautiful site that is also generating leads and sales for your business? Make sure to effectively communicate the kind of design you are expecting from the professional designers. In such cases, using certain graphics can prompt the visitor to feel more engaged.

It is important for a company to be willing to put their money where their mouth is by virtue of allowing you to make part payments as the project is on-going. A poorly designed site can cost a lot of money in time, by having to fix the code. It is also very effective to show a map on your site, then people will recognize you not as a business in this or this street, but for example as the restaurant next to their favorite bar. Unfortunately, not all sites are created to be viewed from every device as they should be. Not all web designers are aware of the fact that almost half of all searches are being made with a mobile phone. It is nonetheless very important to have a mobile site created to be suitable for all devices.

As you see, a professional website design company can help your business in multiple ways.

The Changing Face Of Web Design

face of web design

There was a time not too long ago when fancy designers ruled web design. Website owners happily transferred all their best designs and the style of their favored graphic artist from all their print work onto the World Wide Web.

Inevitably those kind of websites were bulky and slow to open and made use of all kinds of gadgetry like flash tools. The whole idea was to have websites that looked as impressive as possible without minding too much about the user experience.

Not anymore. The design honeymoon quickly ended when it was realized that most of this effort ended up wasted because not many people visited. And even worse when they did visit they hardly spent too much time on the site and impatiently hit the back button to get out and find some other site that would give off information faster.

It quickly became apparent that simply designed websites that opened quickly were the way to go. These new kind of web design ideas were championed by such sites as that of search giant Google who showed just how effective and practical white space (which opens much faster) could be. Google championed the idea of a clean, simple but impressive design and this was widely copied in various forms and continues to be reproduced by many across the web. To this day a vast majority of sites still like to use the white background for the same reasons.

The emphasis also shifted quite dramatically to place great emphasis on SEO (search engine optimization) which is simply optimizing a site for search engines so that it ranks highly in search results. The big pay off was naturally irresistible because it was recognized that traffic coming in directly from queries on popular search engines was extremely valuable and those clicking through were more often than not ready to make a purchase right away. That is if that purchase had the potential to solve the pressing problem that caused their search query in the first place.

All this has led to a situation where web designers these days work very closely with SEO consultants and experts to ensure that no aspects of their web design hinders the optimization of the site for search traffic. Indeed there have been many heavy design tools that have been casualties to the need to please the almighty search engines for the reward of huge traffic. There was no going back because naturally had a huge impact on the success or failure of the web site being designed.


Today even as web design continues to evolve rapidly to keep up with new demands for continued success and even survival, it is difficult to recognize the new web designer when you compare him to the arrogant heavy designers that were here with us just the other day.


Successful web design methods


With web design evolving continuously, you will constantly find new suggestions on how to go about improving your web design. Effectively improving a website does not have to be complicated. The following strategies will help you navigate the waters in this industry.

The importance of search engine optimization cannot be overemphasized. When we talk about search engine optimization, we are talking about free advertising for your website. By having your website pages properly optimized for the various search engines, your website should have a respectable ranking in online searches. When it comes to optimization, your choices are to hire an expert or do it yourself. If you choose the do it yourself route, you will be surprised to learn it is not that complicated. You just have to be consistent about search engine submissions.

One essential point many people forget about is page layout and correct fonts. A visually appealing page layout will keep people on a particular page longer and absorbing more information from that page. Also, a layout that is easy on the eyes with strategically placed sections should make it easier for visitors. Font size and style should be visually attractive and appropriate for the information and type of website.

No one likes to stay on a website which has incomplete sentences or misspelled words, along with off-centered photographs and non working videos. Also, make sure all your links are working properly. All of these elements are important to contributing a professional image to your website.

A website that has too many images crowding a page or too much information written may be considered overdone. Many times this defeats the purpose by confusing and taking away from the main points of the page. It is much better to have less images and information, but a cleaner looking page.

When it comes to website navigation, simplicity is king. Visitors want to be able to navigate between your home, FAQ navigation-menuand other pages easily. Another issue to watch out for is length of time for page loading. If you find it is taking a very long time to load pages once you navigate to them, make sure you fix this problem. Usually this is a server issue and help is routinely available. When faced with complex navigation, most visitors would rather leave your site.

Web design cost can vary from an inexpensive do it yourself option to thousands of dollars. If you have an unlimited budget, the higher cost option should be just fine. However, for most of us, budgeting is essential. If you are pretty tech savvy and know HTML, your own website should be a breeze. Another option for most of us is using a program for website building which does not require html knowledge. When using these types of programs you have the option to choose from a variety of website templates or create your site page by page.

Web design is the key to the success of your website. There are a number of issues to consider when planning and going live with the perfect website for you. By implementing the suggestions in this article, you should be on your way to having the perfect website.


Does Price Really Matter For A Web Design?

banner-web-design imageAre you willing to pay for the price in order to get a web design that will lead your business to success? If yes, you are on the road to success. It would be just a matter of time. This simply means price does really matter. Do you want to know why? Read on:

1. Yes, it involves the quality.

First, the price is almost synonymous to that of the quality of the service such as web design. Do you expect to pay the lowest price for a much higher quality service? Logic tells us this is not the case. Of course, you are going to expect to pay for a premium price if you want to have a website designed at a much higher quality than the rest.

web_design2. Yes, it involves the functionality.

Second, the functionality of the website is also affected by the price. The more functional the site is, the more you need to pay for it. Why? It is for a simple reason you are using the mind of a professional, of the best web designer there is to create a fully functional website with cool features for you.

3. Yes, it involves the performance.

Third, as to how the website performs when it comes to conversion rate is being affected by the price as well. Other designers do not even design a website in order to perform well. What they do is simply create a website on its surface, a static one and that is it! If you do demand for it or it is not included in the package you have purchased for, then expect your site’s performance is good for nothing. If you are going to pay for the price, then your site will have a higher conversion.

platforms imageIndeed price does matter when it comes to web design. However, it does not mean you need to pay for a premium price for it. You still get a good quality website, visually stimulating, fully functional and performs well at very affordable price. All you have to do is to look for a company that offers these at a price you are willing to pay.

There are quite a number of web design companies you can choose from. All it takes is for you to search for them or simply ask recommendation from people. Be sure you do know how much you are going to pay for such service. At least, you will not be at a total shock later.